The Heavenly Seven Top Social Media Gurus and Corporate Bloggers

Social Media is now an essential part of any company's marketing and PR strategies. However, the person in such a role must be capable of managing the most intricate of human emotions. The top Social Media Gurus are expected to have the special skills to relate to the Web masses, and be able to fend off negativity in a calm, cool and composed manner. It is definitely not a job for the faint of heart. Each and every action is in the public spotlight under the scrutiny of an Internet audience that spans the globe. The knowledge and experience, as well as writing abilities of these individuals cannot be under-estimated. They are practically carrying the weight of an entire corporate image on their shoulders. And after scouring the Web extensively from end to end, these are the 7 best Social Media Gurus and Corporate Bloggers, according to the expert opinion of

Kelly Groehler(Best Buy) - Kelly Groehler is the Senior PR Manager at Best Buy. Best Buy launched a major advertising blitz to promote its social media initiative, TwelpForce, as a channel to establish stronger ties with its customer base. Kelly and the thousands of Best Buy employees can be reached using Twitter @KellyGroehler and @TwelpForce.

Eric Ketzer(Charter Communications) - Eric Ketzer is the Social Media Communications Manager who transformed Charter's ability to address customer service on a whole new level. Eric now leads a team of five who utilizes Twitter as the primary form of troubleshooting, and technical support. He can be reached via Twitter @Umatter2Charter.

Frank Eliason(Comcast) - Frank Eliason is the Director of Digital Care for Comcast. He is credited for spearheading an effort to soften the corporate image of Comcast in the eyes of the public, by promoting the phrase, "Comcast Cares". This effort has produced some positive sentiments and helped improve the reputation of Comcast. Frank's blog is linked here and his Twitter account is @ComcastCares.

Jeff Heng(Elcometer) - Jeff Heng is responsible for Marketing/IT/Software Apps/Web Dev Strategies, according to his official profile at, which is a website managed by Elcometer. Jeff has been the driver behind all of Elcometer's social media efforts, including his blog, the Facebook Business Page, the YouTube channel and Twitter @ElcometerUSA.

Scott Monty(Ford) - Scott Monty is the Head of Social Media at Ford Motor Company. He joined Ford in July 2008 and is officially responsible for Global Digital and Multimedia Communications. Scott runs a blog at and is very active on Twitter(@ScottMonty).

Matt Cutts(Google) - Matt Cutts is the Head of Google's Webspam team. His primary role is in optimizing search quality and accuracy. Matt is very well-respected within the SEO community and has indirectly become the face of Google's Social Media through his blog and Twitter(@MattCutts).

Jennifer Cisney(Kodak) - Jenny Cisney, as she is known around the blogosphere, is the Chief Blogger for Kodak. Her writings can be found at two Kodak sites, namely "A Thousand Words" and "Plugged-In". Jenny is also very active on Twitter(@KodakCB).

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