Another Ridiculous Law in Michigan

How often do we need to report about these stupid laws, before someone with some common sense stands up in the Michigan legislature and do something about them ? had already written about the Child Protective Services (CPS) doing more harm to children and their healthy family environment through senseless enforcements. Today, we hear about another such stories happening in our state.

Seriously, folks, what is wrong with these lawmakers in Lansing ? If we can't even rely on them to fix such silly events from occurring ..... what chance do we have for them to achieve anything in regards to more complicated issues ?

How Ridiculous Can Partisan Politics Get ?

We here at try our best to stay neutral and non-partisan when it comes to political issues. Sometimes, we come off as being a little on the conservative side; while other times, we come off as being a little on the liberal side. At the end of the day, we believe that everything is a wash, and we are squarely neutral and non-partisan overall.

As hard as we try to avoid acknowledging stupidity and misinformation, it is often impossible to turn a blind eye to something so bizarre, you've gotta check again to be sure you're not missing something or another.

The recent GOP outcry about President Obama is certainly one such case .....

Seriously, come on now, Republicans ..... Make Up Your Mind, for goodness sake, he can't be a Muslim, Communist, Nazi, Fascist, Socialist and etc. all at the same damn time simultaneously !!

Listen, there are many core conservative values that Republicans stand for. These core conservative values are still important to the American public; such as smaller government, controlling government spending, religion, and etc. We have met a number of Republican clubs on the grass-root level, and it is clear that the party has gone off-track with all these tea-party protests, "birther" movement and so on. Let's put a stop to all these nonsense, and focus on the true GOP principles.