Do we even fully know the extent Wall Street is screwing us all?

The answer is probably not, because if Matt Taibbi's report in Rolling Stone back in July 2009 is any indication, all of us are simply little game pieces on a giant board game known as the "US Economy".

Virtually everything relating to the way our lives are being lived from day to day, the financial engine that shapes our routine of transactions on a daily basis, are directly and indirectly affected.

Roger Lowenstein's article in the New York Times, "The Way We Live Now - Walk Away From Your Mortgage!"

When will the American people stage a public outcry in response to Goldman Sachs ?

Link to article on lawsuits against Goldman Sachs bonuses adding up to more than its total earnings.

Fellow American taxpayers and voters, when are you going to stop bickering, bitching and complaining about political parties and start taking actions ? All these stupidity against a political party, whether it is the Republicans or the Democrats, are downright ridiculous when the real bottom-line is that they are all in the "game". Yes, in case some of you are still as dumb as a rock, both Democrats and Republicans have their hands and their feet with Wall Street. It is time to take it personal, for yourself and the people you care about, your family and community.

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