Bad Cops at Gwinnett County Police Department - Gary Miles, Chris Parry, Joey Parkerson

We have been very direct and vocal about the state of bad law enforcement personnel within our community here in Metro Detroit. Obviously, such behaviors and ugly trends crosses state lines into other communities as well. As we have learned through this news report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, an innocent Waffle House employee was tasered with a Taser gun for absolutely no legitimate reason whatsoever.

This should clearly be very troubling for every one of us, as our own city's police officers are being equipped with Taser guns. As a matter of fact, 'Do Take It Personal' had only just recently discussed about the incident involving the Warren Police Department and Robert Mitchell.

The frequency of such incidents occurring, indicates to us, the public citizens, that police officers have become way too comfortable with the notion that Taser guns are non-lethal weapons. However, as reality has proven time and again, Taser guns are in fact highly dangerous and can be lethal depending on the physiological conditions of the victim. It is important to note that police officers generally have absolutely no idea and no prior knowledge of the health and medical history of an individual. Therefore, by using a Taser gun nonchalantly, it can only be a reckless and fatal move as far as the odds are concerned. All police officers should be educated and trained to handle a Taser gun, as carefully as a conventional pistol or revolver. They should mentally, emotionally and physically understand that a Taser gun can in fact kill.