A Good Enough Reason for us to Buy a Ford

This country's economic health has been looking ugly for quite a while. The state of Michigan's economic health has been suffering for even longer than that. Around here in Metro Detroit, there is no denying the fact that our neighbors, our friends, our relatives, our co-workers' spouses and many of the people surrounding us work in the automotive industry in some capacity or another, either directly with GM, Chrysler and Ford, or with any of the suppliers and dealerships.

Our family has owned both domestic and foreign cars over the years. And frankly, we aren't basing our car-buying decisions that much on the logo in front of the vehicle, as compared to the price tag and the reliability.

With the recent federal government bailout drama playing out vividly in front of all our eyes, it is a pleasant surprise to hear that Ford will be able to avoid taking our taxpayers' money in order to stay afloat. Because of this simple reason alone, we believe that Ford has earned the respect of many hard-working taxpayers. And DoTakeItPersonal.com would very likely buy a Ford product the next time we are shopping for a vehicle.