Being a CEO with a purpose-driven objective.

DoTakeItPersonal believes that many of us have come across our fair share of greedy corporate executives fleecing Americans for their own selfish and self-centered gains.

The problem is in selecting a management team that doesn't cherish ethical values or a positive legacy-centered lifestyle. In other words, they have no regards for common decency and morals.

Despite all that, we are encouraged to see that not all CEOs fall into that shameful category. As a matter of fact, there are enough good examples of responsible CEOs who care about their companies and their staff members.

This Forbes article by Haley Rushing, says it best, because "Great CEOs Are Always Great CMOs".

CEOs like Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Jim Sinegal of Costco, Tony Hsieh of Zappos and dozens of others work very hard to establish the culture of purpose-driven business motivation. They want to build a brand that transcends time.