Bad NYPD Cop: Patrick Pogan

This is another reason why 'Do Take It Personal' is such a terrific resource to bring TRUE justice to our communities across America. Because too many police officers are no longer trust-worthy, no longer honest, no longer serving or protecting the public. Instead, we are getting more and more complaints from the people about abuses, about bullies, and about cops taking advantage of the people.

We always hope to hear about good deeds by police officers, from the public, but thus far - Only one made it to our news-desk.

The bad deeds just keep on pouring in. Take a look at this YouTube video clip, which has been circulating across the Internet;

As a citizen, a taxpayer and a voter, all of us should be very concerned about the state of our country. Such behaviors from law enforcement officers are becoming more common than ever, and the frustrating part is the fact that the courts are either slapping them on the wrists or allowed them to go without any consequences whatsoever. Enough is enough, ladies and gentlemen. It is time we take it very personal. Share the photos and the videos - Spread the word.

Bad Cop Fired for Demanding Free Starbucks.

It is really becoming unfathomable the extent of entitlement police officers continue to think they deserve. This piece of news headline sums it up enough that we here at 'Do Take It Personal' do not need to explain much further.

Link to Fox News article in PDF format.

Link to WKMG Local 6 article and video clip.

It is at least assuring to see that other cities and other police departments aren't afraid to take bold steps to terminate rogue cops from contaminating the police force. Why is the Warren Police Department and Chief Dwyer afraid to terminate David Kanapsky? Why is the Roseville Police Department and Chief Pachla afraid to terminate Stephen Starr?

Justice Unserved - Magistrate Clement Waldmann

It is always a new experience to be present in a courtroom; to research and to observe the fleecing of Americans, using your own pair of eyes and ears. Today is no different, as we sat in on traffic court proceedings in Troy.

We, as Americans, have always believed our teachers and our elders, when they tell us that justice is served by those in the position of such authority. All these becomes a mockery to the justice system, when you come across someone like Magistrate Clement Waldmann.

He not only failed the trust and the privilege granted onto him by the people, he openly embarrassed the people who came forth to defend their rights in a fair hearing. For example; he refused to listen to the explanation or look at the photo evidences brought in by a man who captured a stack of photos at an intersection in question. Next, he ridiculed a Chaldean lady for not being able to speak fluent English. Another gentleman came in to court with a photograph to prove that there was not a sign where he took a turn, but was completely shunted and had his charge raised to a higher level to be heard on another court date. After that, Clement Waldmann continued to cause more disgrace and shame to the justice system here in Michigan, by making crude remarks to a Chinese lady. According to him, "If you put me in a cave for 5 years, I would be able to learn a new language fluently." Is this the type of individuals we now put on the bench to interpret the law? Because it goes without saying that justice is not served.

We here at 'Do Take It Personal' believe that everyone who chooses to live in America should indeed be proficient in spoken English, at the minimum. However, that is a personal opinion, which must not be taken into the courtroom, and be used in any way, shape or form within the justice system. Magistrate Clement Waldmann should be ashamed to have abused his power and authority for not only unjust judgments within the four walls of the Oakland County district court, but also racist judgments handed down to innocent victims.

Cash-strapped Pontiac Struggles to Fund Court.

The economy here in Michigan is dismal, without doubt, and looking worse each passing day. Cities across the region, large and small, are struggling to stay financially viable. Pontiac, being a larger city and covering a relatively large footprint, is certainly having difficulty keeping itself afloat.

Link to the Oakland Press’ article on cash-strapped Pontiac struggling to fund court system.

Link to the same article in PDF format.

It is extremely hard to accept the same excuses from civic leaders who repeatedly mismanage public finances. There is no real consequences for irresponsibility in city government. It is very frustrating and unnerving to find the same sins being commited time and time again, over and over again, by different parties. Why are they allowed to continue down the same wrong path without repercussions? Where are the concerned voters and taxpayers? Where are the angry voters and taxpayers? Where are those who are sick and tired of being ripped-off? Michigan cannot continue to be a cess-pool of corrupted government personnels. Michigan cannot continue to have cops who line their own pockets with cash. Michigan cannot continue to appoint magistrates and judges who are biased and carry out agendas of prejudice. Michigan certainly cannot afford to put incompetent people in public office and in governmental roles. Michigan must begin 'cleaning house' immediately!