How Conservatives can clean-up the GOP ?

It is very important that Conservatives begin removing the insanity in the Republican Party. Yes, the Conservatives who actually understand fiscal responsibility ..... not the so-called Conservatives who are puppets for lobbyists.

Bruce Bartlett, a prominent Reagan-era domestic policy adviser and Treasury Department economist under President George H.W. Bush, penned a sharp piece in Forbes about the hypocrisy so openly displayed by the Republicans ..... without even a shade of shame. Such behavior cannot be tolerated, and it is up to the Conservatives to clean-up the GOP, before these RINOs cause any further damage to an already ailing political cornerstone.

Link to Bruce Bartlett's Forbes article

Bartlett highlighted the Medicare drug benefit as an example of major embarrassment for fiscal responsibility. He made a great point in comparing that to the current Health Care Reform Bills.

It is really time to put a complete stop to the insanity, perpetrated by talking-heads such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and so on. It is time for Conservatives to distance themselves from the "bad apples", so that the entire "basket" is not ruined.

Here is a good place to start ..... through an iPhone commercial parody: