Teen Died after being shot with a Taser gun by Warren Police

Unfortunate and perhaps undeserved - because incidents like this have been happening more than its fair share. Police officers are certainly feeling more at ease and convenient to pull the trigger on a Taser gun, because they believe it to be a 'non-lethal' weapon.

Link to WXYZ Channel 7 report and video clip

16-year-old Robert Mitchell, was in a car with his cousin, when they were pulled over by Warren police for having an expired license plate tag. Robert Mitchell panicked and ran, while police officers chased him down into an abandoned house. Robert Mitchell, who is 5'2" and less than 110 lbs, is also learning-disabled. He has no criminal record.

Link to CNN report

We here at 'Do Take It Personal' have highlighted numerous occasions of the incompetency and the blatant misconducts at the Warren Police Department. Among the most outrageous story involves Officer Kanapsky and his traffic ticket writing spree putting overtime pay into his own pocket. Mayor Fouts and Chief Dwyer are clearly turning a 'blind eye' towards all this short-comings. The people of Warren, Michigan; the residents, voters and tax payers in the city of Warren must stand up to stop these ongoing fleecing of their community. The people of Warren do not deserve incompetent police officers, and Robert Mitchell does not deserve the Taser shot that took his life.