A Conscious Movement towards Simplicity and Minimalist

Our country, and our world for that matter, have been on a consumption binge the past few decades or so. We have acquired more "stuff", have more "wants" ..... and practically over-indulge ourselves in materialistic satisfaction.

The sign of the times, amidst the recent recession, causes many of us to re-evaluate our priorities. Such is the motive behind Jen Weigel's article, "Key to Genuine Wealth: Simplicity".

Link to Chicago Tribune

She stresses the importance of time, relationships and values. She encourages the return to a simpler era.

We have all witnessed the many TV programs focusing on the theme of hoarding, OCD and other similar mental disorders. These problems are the culmination of society's addiction to flaunting one's belongings, such as a bigger house, a nicer car, or more brand named items in clothing and so on.

Perhaps the bad economic climate is a much-needed jab in the arm, a wake-up call of sort, to help us adjust our priorities and our role in society. Perhaps it is necessary to travel down the path to a simpler, more humble and more minimalist way of life.

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